Wishing On A Star

It is so fun when your vibration starts to rise, and you feel excited about what is yet to come. At this stage, it’s perfect to start illuminating your dreams and manifesting them into reality. Bring out that child inside and all that magic within. You begin to see all the wonder in the world, which guides you to embracing your dreams and wishing on a star.

Many manifestation techniques can help you ground your wishes and dreams into reality. Before we get into that, the most important thing is that you are in a good place vibrationally. The best way to be in that place is to be grateful. It is impossible to be low vibrational if you are in a state of gratitude. You can write in your gratitude journal right before you begin.

I also like to visualize an iridescent light around me, and I always call on God and my Angels for protection. Anytime I work with energy, I ask my higher guidance to be present. With that said, let’s find out how to take these beautiful dreams and bring them to fruition.

Scripting Your Dreams

Scripting is writing down your dreams as if they have already manifested. I write my letters to God, my Angels, the Universe, etc. You can address your letters to whoever is your higher power. We all know that writing things down can improve the outcome of what we want. When we also write as if it has already happened, it can be even more powerful.

A few years back, my son and his then-girlfriend, and I wrote down one thing that we wanted to accomplish that year. We made our dreams big. We folded up the papers and put them in a box. The following year, we grabbed the box and excitedly pulled out our pieces of paper. Not only had we reached our dreams, but we surpassed them. We had forgotten what we had even written, but we believed at the time we made them.

I will give you an example of a scripting letter below. It will be about manifesting a new home.

Dear God, Angles and the Universe,

I am so thankful for all that you have given me. I love my new home so much! It is so cozy, and I feel so happy when I walk in the door. It’s like I can breathe and be myself. After a hot day, I love jumping into my beautiful pool.

The water refreshes me, and I feel alive. The sound of the waterfall that flows from the rocks above is so soothing. I lay on my float and take in the sounds, smells, and beauty that surrounds me. Looking up at the bright blue sky and seeing all the sparkles of sunlight glistening on the water is breathtaking.

I dry myself off and walk inside my home. There are big windows everywhere, and the natural light is stunning. I love the feeling of my bare feet walking on my wood floors.

The kitchen is perfect for me. I love the ample white cabinets and the vast island. It is so open, and I have so much room to walk around and make myself and my family delicious meals.

I walk upstairs and open the french doors that lead to my bedroom. There is so much natural light coming from the big windows, and it feels so relaxing. I get excited, and I lay on my bed with my oversized fluffy comforter and pillows surrounding me. It feels so light and airy. It feels like heaven.

Thank you for all that you give me. I am so grateful for this beautiful life, and I feel your love around me at all times. I love you all so much!



The more emotion you have while scripting, the better. Envision how you feel when you walk into your dream home. I would generally put more description in my letter, but I shortened it for the sake of not taking up an entire blog post with a letter. 🙂 Your writing can be about anything you want to manifest. It just needs to be believable to you.

When you first begin to manifest, you will probably focus on material things like financial abundance, a new home, traveling, a new car, etc. Material dreams are entirely normal. Many of us have guilt surrounded by money, we feel it is wrong, but it isn’t. As you go along, I assure you, your focus will change into manifesting things like your true purpose, how you can serve others, and meaningful relationships.

Right now, it’s about your wishes and dreams at this moment. Whatever those are, try to be so creative with them and feel as if they have already happened, and you are living this way right now.

Manifestation through Visualization

Visualizing our dreams with clarity is essential. Vision boards are a great way to see your dreams in reality. You can buy magazines and print images that you love and post on your board. Clipping beach photos, vacation spots, dream homes, relationships, clothes, and dream bodies are uplifting and inspiring. If you want to keep your board in a space that you can see daily, it will be effective.

Another visualization technique is figuring out who your role models are in your life. Think about how they dress, speak, treat others, and their confidence. What traits of theirs would you like to have within yourself? What is it that makes them a role model to you? These images in your mind will become clear. Imagine what it would be like to have some qualities of the people you admire. How would that feel?

Hopes and Wishes through Meditation

Meditation is an incredible manifesting tool. We can access our subconscious and change the script we have had in our heads for years. I like to use guided meditations for this. There are so many good ones out there. I will share my favorite one below. It is so calming and allows you to see your dreams as if they are real.

New Moon Manifesting

The new moon appears in the first half of each month, and the next one will be on August 8th in the astrological sign of Leo. This moon is all about dreams and wishes, new beginnings, setting intentions, and planting seeds.

At every new moon, I write down all the things I want to bring into my life. I put the paper under my pillow for a few nights. Then I store it away with my other manifestations. It is always exciting to go back and pull out my new moon manifestations to see everything that has changed. It’s mind-blowing!

After you script, visualize, meditate, or new moon manifest, try to let it go and forget about it if you can. Then believe, trust, and live as if you already know you have it. Live as if you are already the person you were born to be, with an incredible life. Know that your higher guidance has your back!

I would love to hear what manifestation methods have worked for you. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Before you go to sleep at night, if you get a chance, try to go outside and look up in the sky and make a wish on a star.

Have a wonderful week! xoxo

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