The Soft Glow of Autumn

Yesterday when I walked outside, it was subtle, but I could see and feel the change. The air had a bit of crispness to it, and the sun was softer, more delicate. I felt a calmness come over me and a sense of hope. My mood felt lighter and my spirit freer. Then I realized that Autumn was in the air, and I looked up at the sun, and it felt less harsh. I was looking at life through a softer lens, and it felt forgiving and loving. Living in the desert, the intense August sun and energy, starts to feel oppressive. I am so happy to welcome this soft and gentle glow of Autumn.

It would be so nice to change our harsh judgment into a soft understanding of each other. This solar cycle shows us that just a slight change of perspective or shift can change so much. Instead of judging each other so harshly, maybe it can be a time of stepping back and seeing things through a gentler lens.

Choosing To Understand

Everybody has their trauma, experiences, and taught behaviors. We are all different, and it is our differences that allow us to grow and learn. Each perspective is from unique journeys, and we will all see the world differently.

This past month I have observed intense reactions and behaviors from people. It is an uncertain time, and it can be scary for all of us. What if we took a step back and just observed before making a judgment and asked questions that can help us understand another’s perspective? I wonder what a behavior like understanding someone could change?

It would feel like going from the scorching sun of Summer into the softer sun of Autumn. Having the feeling of community instead of division would be incredible right now. Unity is something that we crave, and it is loving and kind.

Thinking of understanding instead of judging the last few weeks has brought me peace. I am going to take a step back and work on this. I am hoping it will not only change my environment but the environment of those around me.

Maybe it’s this moment that we are kinder to ourselves. Make the light we put on us more gentle, allowing ourselves to be human. Therefore, being patient and loving with our choices and emotions will enable us to feel happiness, joy, and love. Being kinder to ourselves will also encourage us to feel and process sadness, anger, and grief without judging ourselves, which allows us to heal. The healing process will therefore bring feelings of empathy and understanding for others.

I am excited to experience the softer light. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Please be kind to yourselves.

Have a wonderful week! xoxo

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