Sunshine Within Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra, also known as Manipura, is our third chakra. This chakra resonates with the color yellow, the element of fire, and the sun. It sits in our upper belly at our diaphragm and governs personal freedom, choice, ego, identity, courage, willpower, and authenticity. When this yellow energy ball is aligned, you will feel self-confident and joyful. Not to mention, feel as if you are “walking on sunshine.”

There are seven chakras within our bodies. They all emit and receive life force energy. When any of our chakras are out of alignment, the other chakras will overcompensate. Furthermore, we will feel out of sorts and not at our most optimal health.

Areas of the body that the solar plexus chakra governs

  1. Stomach
  2. Liver
  3. Gallbladder
  4. Kidneys
  5. The large intestine
  6. Muscular system
  7. Adrenal glands
  8. Pancreas
  9. Diaphram
  10. Skin

When this chakra is out of balance, physical ailments can manifest as digestive problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, eating disorders, ulcers, diabetes, and acid reflux. Not to mention stomach pain, adrenal fatigue, and arthritis.

Emotional imbalances happen when the solar plexus chakra is out of alignment. You could feel pessimistic, closed-minded, lack self-love and confidence, resistant to change, feeling out of touch, inability to trust, and being too attached to your image (egoic). Additionally, It can manifest itself through anxiety, jealousy, controlling behaviors, inauthenticity, and feeling trapped, let alone isolated.

How Can We Heal This Sunny, Fiery Chakra?

You guessed it, through healing our trauma. The links below will guide you to those blog posts. Also, ask yourself some questions. When did I stop going after my dreams? At what age did I stop believing in myself? How long have I stood on the sidelines of my life?

Our solar plexus chakra is all about action. It is taking our dreams and having the confidence to bring them to fruition. Having low self-esteem from childhood and relationships makes it difficult to find our life purpose and put it into action. Healing our childhood trauma and shadow self will allow our solar plexus chakra to come alive.

Feeling Alive and Vital Through our Yellow Chakra

Our third chakra is all about courage. Having the strength to live our purpose and going after what we want is powerful. As a result, a healthy solar plexus chakra will allow you to feel the following:

  1. Authentic
  2. Ability to express your will and core values
  3. Intellectual abilities
  4. Visualize ideas and plans
  5. Master your thoughts, instincts, and emotions
  6. Determination
  7. Having strong boundaries
  8. Dedication
  9. Personal power
  10. Wisdom
  11. Self trust/listening to inner guidance
  12. Make clear choices

Simple Ways to Start Aligning Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Moving, dancing, being out in the sun, meditation, listening to your intuition, and writing down your dreams in a journal are ways to align this chakra. Yoga poses are great for balancing the solar chakra as well. The boat pose, reverse plank pose, sun mudra, half lord of the fishes pose, and RAM. The attached link will show you how to do these poses.

Try using yellow healing crystals. The best ones I have found are citrine, topaz, yellow sapphire, ametrine, amber, and sunstone, to name a few. Eat yellow foods, such as bananas, yellow peppers, squash, yellow apples, lemons, grapefruit, and corn.

It’s Time to Start Living

Manipura or the solar plexus chakra is known as the city of jewels. They are precious jewels that are within each of us. They are uniquely ours and the gifts we were born to share. Imagine waking up every day excited to live your purpose and having the courage to share it. When we look for jewels outside of ourselves, we will feel unfulfilled. Our souls are crying out to be heard and discovered.

When we heed the cry of our soul, joy, peace, love, courage, and strength will come to life. We will be able to feel happiness like we have never felt before. Living our purpose and allowing it for the highest good of ourselves and the world is authenticity at its highest.

It’s early dawn, and you step outside with anticipation as you look up at the sky and start to see the yellow rays appear. You know it’s your time.

“Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces. Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun, here comes the sun and I say, it’s alright. Sun, sun, sun, here it comes.”

You let the warm light envelope you as you smile.

Have a wonderful week! xoxo

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  1. Brandi Bride on July 19, 2021 at 6:08 am

    This is so perfectly what I needed to read. My first thought was yes, I’m going to believe myself and my intuition because it’s time to do that. Somehow you seem to know where I’m at – which is amazing because I don’t. Your posts just resonate so deeply. I have considered yoga for years without knowing how come it was appealing to me. Achieving balance through yoga is so logical. Thank you so deeply for this post – it helped make some decisions and choices more clear. The journey continues….

    • Ethereal Slumbers on July 19, 2021 at 3:51 pm

      Brandi, I am so glad that it resonated with you! I adore your comments. Let me know if you try the yoga poses. The journey continues, and I am so happy to share it with you. Clarity on decisions is so tremendous. Thank you for continuing to share parts of your journey and your thoughts. xoxo