Safety and Stability Within Your Root Chakra

There are seven chakras within our bodies, which are life force energy, otherwise known as Prana. The first chakra is our root chakra, and it sits on our pelvic floor. This chakra is also known as Muladhara, and it resonates with the color red. It also correlates with the element of earth. When the root chakra is balanced and thriving, you will feel secure, safe, stable, grounded and supported.

Mother earth and all she provides are essential to this chakra prospering. Looking back on my childhood, it is fascinating how my instincts would always lead me to Mother Earth when I felt pain. I lived by the woods, and I would run like the wind through the trees with pine needles crackling under my feet to a huge rock that I would climb on to get comfort. I called this rock the elephant rock. Laying on it and crying would give me so much comfort. It was my go-to when things got rough. I would lay on this rock for hours and watch the sky and the big pine trees above me. I just recently learned that the root chakra also correlates with the elephant. This discovery, like so many things lately, feels magical.

Our Beautiful Red Chakra

The root chakra governs our basic needs: shelter, food, water, and air. It also regulates our basic emotional needs: understanding, empathy, closeness, and significance. It is also closely connected to the sacral chakra and even overlaps the areas they govern in certain regions.

Areas of the body that the root chakra governs

  1. Parasympathetic nervous system
  2. Legs
  3. Feet
  4. Spine
  5. Blood
  6. Bones
  7. Sciatic nerve
  8. Colon
  9. Most male sexual organs
  10. Some female sexual organs
  11. Bladder
  12. Hips
  13. Teeth
  14. Adrenal glands

What happens when the root chakra is out of balance?

Physical ailments when the root chakra is out of balance are bladder and bowel issues, breathing problems, circulation issues, dental issues, digestive complications, headaches, immune disorders, low libido, skin problems, to name a few.

There are also so many emotional problems that manifest when this chakra is out of alignment. Examples are: feeling disconnected from others, lost, unsafe, insecure, distrustful, unmotivated, depleted, aggressive, defensive, stuck, weak, lonely, unable to focus, pessimistic, scarcity, depression, anxiety, disinterested, and post-traumatic stress.

Aligning the Root Chakra

Our root chakra is so powerful, and when it is out of alignment, the other chakras have to overcompensate, which can cause significant distress in our bodies. Having a healthy root chakra will allow you to feel the following:

  1. Secure
  2. Safe
  3. Stable
  4. Trusting
  5. Courageous
  6. A sense of belonging
  7. Instinctual
  8. Primal
  9. Resourceful
  10. In the now
  11. Part of a tribe
  12. That your best interest are considered

Grounding activities that can greatly help you

I learned a technique that has helped me ground in the last few years. While meditating, I sit on my wood floor or outside in the grass. Starting my meditation, I take deep, slow breathes and visualize my root chakra. I think of a soft, silky cord attached to my root chakra, going down deep into the earth from that area. I wrap the smooth string around a beautiful crystal in the center of the earth’s core to ground me.

Going out into Mother nature and taking a short walk is very grounding. While on this walk, look for remarkable rocks or the different kinds of trees. Look up at the sky and take deep, long breathes. If you ever wanted to hug a tree, this is the time to do it. 🙂 Watching videos about Mother Nature can also be helpful.

If you can take a quick trip out of town, switching it up a bit is nice. It is fun to feel the desert healing compared to beach or mountain healing. The ocean will give you a completely different rooting sensation than mountain pine trees or desert cacti.

Watch animals and children. They instinctively do grounding activities during their day.

Grounding through foods and crystals

Eat foods that are red, brown, and green. Root vegetables are very good for grounding. Think beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, onions, radishes, and carrots. Leafy greens are also very grounding. When you go to the grocery store, walk through the fresh produce section and pick what makes you feel grounded.

Surround yourself with beautiful crystals that are grounding. Some examples are bloodstone, red jasper, black tourmaline, hematite, garnet, smokey quartz, carnelian, poppy jasper, and jet.

I know I say every week to slow down and feel the present moment. I do believe that on this journey, that simple awareness is that important. If you can find time this week to be in the moment, that would be helpful while you are grounding your beautiful self.

Have a wonderful week! xoxo

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  1. tiffany helmly on June 27, 2021 at 4:47 am

    This is incredible and spoke to me on so many levels! Thank you thank you thank you!!

    • Ethereal Slumbers on June 27, 2021 at 5:14 am

      Thank you, Tiffany! I am so happy it spoke to you. It’s amazing how powerful this chakra is. I appreciate your kind words and sharing. xoxo

  2. Brandi Bride on June 27, 2021 at 7:25 am

    This is wonderful! So sad you needed a rock as a child and yet so wonderful that your childhood self knew instinctively what to do. And now I know how come I appreciate nature so much! The videos are fantastic and the nature one was amazing! As usual, you and your knowledge are extraordinary!!!!

    • Ethereal Slumbers on June 27, 2021 at 5:07 pm

      Brandi, I appreciate your compassion. Yes, it is so wonderful that children instinctively know what to do. I love that video on nature as well. I am so happy you liked it. Thank you for your support and kindness! xoxo