Gentle Strength Of The Divine Masculine

The divinity of the masculine in its purest form is strong, protective, and giving. Through the masculines gentle strength, the world can start to heal. This divine soul is of service to others and provides protection and safety to those close to him. Leading others with his gentle strength is one of his greatest gifts.

We all have both masculine and feminine energy within us. Each of us will resonate with one essence over the other. Before we go into the incredible traits of the Divine Masculine, we need to address the shadow aspects.

Traits of the Shadow Masculine

Today’s world has dominant traits of masculine energy everywhere. It is not divine energy. It is shadow energy. Examples of this energy are dominance, unnecessary aggression, avoidance, greed, taking without consent, and emotional disconnect. Both males and females alike can be in this mindset in this competitive world. This mindset separates us as humans. It becomes every person for themselves.

Living in this shadow aspect of the masculine will bring isolation, disconnect, imbalance, and anger. It’s essentially overpowering, not empowering. In this energy, healthy relationships will not survive, including romantic, work, and familial relationships.

The masculine wound can happen in childhood and early relationships. Through these wounds, the masculine has lost control of life and feels disempowered. He feels rejected and not good enough. If he is unaware, he will naturally try to overpower and deny his feminine side and all feminine energy to gain power. Losing control teaches him that opening up, being vulnerable, and expressing his feelings are not safe nor masculine.

Most of the leadership and relationships we see today are in the shadow of masculinity, not the divine. As a result, we have become disconnected, and in a sense, paranoid to trust and share.

How Can We Heal the Shadow Masculine?

Healing the shadow masculine is allowing our feminine to emerge. It is becoming vulnerable, allowing others to see our true selves, looking at the world through the lens of love, not control, greed, and power at the expense of others.

It’s time to go within and become vulnerable with ourselves. Where did we learn that control and greed are ways to happiness? How do we feel when we act in these ways? Overpowering people for our purpose might feel good to your ego at the moment, but does it feel good in general?

Are we looking for relationships to control, or do we want connection? Do we want to compete at a level that hurts others? Is that a good kind of power? Are we making the people in our lives feel unloved, unheard, and undervalued? Question your ego and find out how these thoughts and behaviors formed.

This week, if we can look at how we make decisions and how we communicate with others. Do our words and actions come from a place of love?

The Divine Masculine is so powerful that when he provides the secure foundation of love and protection for those he loves, the lives around him will transform. The best example for me of a Divine Masculine is Martin Luther King, Jr. This incredible man stood up from a non-violent place and served to make the world a place of love.

Traits of the Divine Masculine

  1. Responsible
  2. Vulnerable
  3. Adventurous
  4. Courageous
  5. Loyal
  6. Of service to others
  7. Solutions-Oriented
  8. Logical
  9. Pursuant
  10. Protective
  11. Grounded
  12. Giver
  13. Provider
  14. Action oriented
  15. Leader
  16. Boundary setter
  17. Steadfast
  18. Integrity

This incredible warrior is of gentle strength and not of the ego. Everything inside of him wants to provide and protect. Therefore, when he stands in his power, the love around him will spread like wildfire.

The divine masculine essence can provide strength and growth in all he does. Leading from a place of service, and loving from a place of incredible protection and integrity, is this man’s goal.

One of my favorite influential speakers is Simon Sinek. I discovered him on YouTube a few years ago. I will share one of my favorite videos of his “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.” He is another man who is in his Divine Masculine, and he is so inspiring. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.

Bringing Together the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Both of these energies coming together in a union is pure and ethereal. It starts with the masculine providing safety for his feminine. Feeling his safety, she can fully begin to blossom. She will feel free and protected. Her beautiful, intuitive, and nurturing self will rise, and she will shine all of her light on those she loves. Returning this love to her masculine will allow him to feel adored and appreciated. This ebb and flow will continue in this divine union.

The first video I am sharing below really makes me feel this divine union. I hope you enjoy both of these videos as I have. I shared this video with my son, and his words I thought were incredible. I will share them.

“What I love about dancing is it shows that divine side of yourself. Whether it is masculine or feminine or somewhere in between, it shows a part of yourself. When guys dance like in the video, they have so much control and allow their partner so much freedom. Which is a contradiction since control and freedom don’t normally go hand in hand.”

I thought about his comment, and he is correct. The masculine is in control (strength and protection), which he provides her to have freedom. It is not to dominate her but to allow her to be her highest light.

Have a wonderful week! xoxo

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