Eclipsing Through Your Senses

With the crazy energy of the Super moon and the lunar eclipse that just happened on May 26th, you might be feeling your senses and emotions are heightened. We also have a solar eclipse on June 10th, so hang tight and enjoy this intense time. Being present with your senses is very meditative and healing with everything going on right now. It’s time to roll down your windows and let the warm wind blow through your hair. Turn up that music and let the sound vibrate through your body. Allow yourself to align with your senses during this wonderous eclipse season.

Your 5 Basic Senses

This last week, I really slowed things down. My heightened senses were more than I had experienced before, so sitting with each sense was incredible. Realizing that while I experienced each sense, it automatically brought me into the present moment and a place of gratitude and joy.

Our basic senses are how we perceive the world around us. Often, we take these for granted, so being aware of them is important on our healing journey. In our busy world, we often rush to get ready, grab what we need, and head to work. What if we slowed down a little and enjoyed that cup of coffee, really tasted our food, and were able to enjoy all the beautiful sights on our way to work?

  1. Touch is the first sense that we develop as humans. How does it feel when you touch that silk pillowcase? It’s so soft and silky and feels so wonderful next to your skin. The touch of someone’s hand, a soft kiss, a gentle hug, and the snuggling that makes you feel so warm and loved. Gently dip your toes in a bubble bath and really feel the warm water. These moments are so amazing. When you are really in the present with them, there might not be a better feeling.
  2. Sight, take notice of the beauty that is in front of you. Watch the birds and butterflies flying around. Look at that beautiful sunrise, the bright blue sky, and the mountains—the green grass, the colorful flowers, and the trees. When you are out and about, notice the beautiful architecture and the different people. This Memorial Day weekend, soak in all the beauty that the world has to offer.
  3. Hearing the sounds and closing your eyes to really listen. What is it that you hear? Birds singing, dogs barking, children playing, cars driving by, an airplane flying above, it’s the sound of life and vitality. Really listen to that music and hear what the words are saying. Take the time to be fully present in a conversation with someone you care about and really hear what that person is saying. Listen for laughter; it will make you will smile. Embrace the sound of silence. After hectic days, this can be the best sound.
  4. Smell the aroma of coffee brewing in the morning—the eggs and bacon cooking. Notice the smell of the flowers outside and the rain clouds. Take in the scent of your favorite person. Enjoy the smell of suntan lotion, the pool, the bbq, and the ocean. Hopefully, a lot of us get to enjoy a few of these smells this weekend.
  5. Taste that first sip of coffee in the morning (yum). Strawberries, watermelon, Pina Coladas, coconut, pineapple, and ice cream, all taste like summer. I love the way my tongue tastes after I eat watermelon. I call it my watermelon tongue. Recognize how things taste at the front of your tongue and then at the back of your tongue. Experience the deliciousness of your favorite foods and drinks. Different seasons bring in new tastes, and right now, it’s all about the arrival of summer.

When we honor our bodies and senses, the response will be exponential. Our body will release the “love hormone” Oxytocin.

The Magical Abilities of Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced in our brain in the area called the hypothalamus. This is the brain’s control center, and it is then released into our body by the pituitary gland.

It is known as the “love hormone,” which is responsible for social bonding and pleasure. Research tells us that Oxytocin has the exact opposite effects as fight-flight mode. It has been linked to anti-aging, anti-obesity, aids in reducing stress, and helps us bond and build relationships.

Physical contact, hugs, kisses, intimacy, and shaking hands can produce this amazing hormone. Making eye contact, laughing, giving and receiving gifts, sharing meals, listening to music you love, and connecting with someone you trust, are other ways to increase Oxytocin.

Tranquility and that general warm and fuzzy feeling are some benefits you will feel. Allow your extraordinary body to bring you these delights as you feel into your senses.

Have an incredible Memorial Week-end, enjoy every moment and be safe. xoxo

Here are a few more videos for you. Enjoy!

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  1. Brandi Bride on May 30, 2021 at 3:10 am

    The concept of staying in moment is something recently learned – doing that through the senses will be a new concept! And I think a pleasant one. Staying in the moment without overthinking the entire world is still challenging. I absolutely love the videos and focus you offer! Despite the turbulence in the solar system, there’s a sense of serenity about you and it is amazing!!! Peace and Love

    • Ethereal Slumbers on May 30, 2021 at 3:42 am

      Hi Brandi, staying in the present and out of my overthinking mind is definitely challenging for me, so I completely understand. (Haha) You will enjoy experiencing your senses consciously. It’s amazing how we have everything we really need right inside of us. I adore your comments and appreciate your kind words. Thank you for sharing with us. Peace and Love xoxo