Sharing My Life-Altering Experiences

I have struggled with self-esteem issues the majority of my life. I didn’t feel like I was good enough or valuable. Even in my earliest memories, I felt this way. I had failed relationship after relationship, and it wasn’t until my health was fully affected and I was getting triggered constantly that I finally listened to my intuition. I had ignored it for so long and got to a place of lethargy and despair.

I started my healing journey about three years ago, and although lonely and challenging at times, I have finally gotten to a place where I know that the way I felt about myself back then was not the truth.

This blog intends to share the experiences that have brought me from sadness, self-deprecation, and loneliness to self-love. Like reading a script, I kept telling myself these negative thoughts that I had about myself. Now I realize I can throw away the script, but I am grateful that it has led me to this place. If I can even help one person out there, that would be incredible. I want to provide a safe and loving space to support each other on our paths. It is a solo journey, but we can support it with love and compassion from similar souls going through a similar experience.

I am calling in my soul family.  I know you will be guided to this site to receive support. I am honored to share my experiences with you. It is a beautiful time when you can step into your light and your true purpose.

Welcome to this site. I look forward to sharing experiences and supporting each other to find that light inside.

Kimberly Kastanek xoxo

Ethereal Slumbers